Bed-sharing with Young Infants: Is It Safe After All?

I can’t not snuggle with my boobaa

The Science of Mom

Does bed-sharing with infants increase their risk of SIDS, even without known risk factors such as alcohol use, smoking, and co-sleeping on a couch or chair? A recent study makes what is probably the best attempt to date to answer this question. The study, led by U.K. researcher Peter Blair, was published last week in the journal PLOS ONE and is freely available to the public (yay!).1

mother and baby How you bed share can make a big difference to safety. Co-sleeping on couches, alcohol use, and smoking are all very risky. The mom in the photo could keep her baby safer by removing the swaddle and ensuring that her baby sleeps on his back.

Many studies have found that co-sleeping is associated with an increased risk of SIDS, but most of this risk doesn’t come from co-sleeping per se, but rather doing so in particularly hazardous conditions, such as…

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The Whole Truth About Infant Cereals: 7 Science-Based Tips

The Science of Mom

I recently received an email from a reader with a question about baby cereals:

“My wife and I are expecting a baby this October. We are planning to breastfeed but have lots of questions about introducing solid foods, particularly cereals. Do we have to feed the baby commercial baby cereals? I am concerned about all the extra crap that is put into commercial food, including unnecessary sugars and possible GMOs. Is there another product or whole food option that we could use to introduce grains to our baby instead of a commercial cereal product?”

~Brenda and Leah in San Diego, CA

Baby cereals have made a big swing in popularity over the last couple of generations. It wasn’t long ago that they were considered an essential first food, given to baby within the first months or even weeks of life. These days, in some circles, they’ve become a marker of…

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Can Fetal Movements Predict a Baby’s Sex or Temperament?

The Science of Mom

I’m now 31 weeks pregnant. The weeks are flying by, and for the most part, I’m relishing all the physical changes in my body and the preparations for this baby. We waited a long time for this pregnancy, and it will probably be my last. I curl around my belly at night and think about the baby growing inside me. I wonder about the person that he or she will become and how our little family will adapt to welcome a second child. (We’ve chosen not to learn the sex of this baby until its birth.)

When I was pregnant with Cee and about to become a mom for the first time, I thought a lot about what kind of mother I would be and how this big life transition might alter my identity, my career path, my marriage, and my daily life. The baby-to-be was kind of a vague…

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Silently I Wait

I wake up every morning 
Thank Him for another day
I look at the mirror
And shamefully stare at the tear stains on my face

I wash the salt marks off
And paint a new face on
My smile has become my armor
I hide away from the world
Cry silently behind the armor

I can no longer fight
I pray my opponents do not see this
That the armor I put on every morning
Is strong enough to scare them off
And I could be left alone to cry silently

Silently I cry
Silently I suffer
I thank Him for everyone’s blessings
Celebrate alone with them
And silently I wait for my turn


The Great Abortion

I wonder what your answer would be if I asked was it all worth it losing me again. Are you happy now, that you lost the one girl that loved you and your flaws, and a chance to be the daddy you wish to be to your first born child. Now I’m sitting here. Telling your kid you dead, this ain’t no lie. Since you broke my heart, you died along with it…

Never did I find a man, worthy enough to father your kid, or mend my broken heart. I fear if my heart is ever mended. Memories of the love we once had would come alive again. Never will I love another the way I love you. Hey I forget to mention, I did end up giving him the name you wanted. Just couldn’t give him your surname… 

He’s a spitting image of you, with your name, your surname would have been a bit too much for me to handle. Haha, he does that thing with he’s nose, the thing you do when you overwhelmed with excitement. And lies in my arms all day when he’s hurt. He is the kid you’d be proud to call your first born. 

I put my life on hold. 18 years old, fresh outter high school and filled with excitement to start university…And now my peers, drive passed me every morning, while I wait at the bus stop and head to work.

Remember how you’d encourage me to study hard so our kid don’t grow up suffering? I mean we went to the best private schools money could offer. Had the latest gadgets and bragged all year long how they were custom made. I work my hands numb. Until blisters become raw on my feet. So that our baby could get the best money can buy. But it is never enough…

Since he to inherited your disease. Yes, he’s diabetic too. He’s hospital visits have become a monthly routine. Which disrupts my working, which decreases the cashflow. I almost lost my job early october, because he was admitted for a longer period this time. I cried and cried my eyes out, till they were bloodshot red. But he’s back up again. Healthier than most kids. He’s life is a blessing. And I’m blessed to see him live it.

Oh but the sad thing is… I won’t get to see it all… Because not only did you plant this seed of life in me… You embedded death’s companion in me too… I was lucky to be able to protect your kid. It is what you would have wanted… 

I was listening to the news the other day. And I guess this is why I’m writing you this letter. I hear you have made a name for yourself. Rich and successful. But humble as I met you. I don’t know why you never got married. You were a casanova in our days. Guess I expected you to settle down and have babies, even though you were the unfaithful type. 

I never wished you bad luck. And I hope it is not my fault in anyway you go home to an empty house, filled with the best artifacts money can buy. But I don’t understand why you keep the door to one room closed. Is that meant to be our babies room?

Here’s the ending to this long story. I never intended to ever tell my kid you were alive and who you were. We managed to live 13 years without you and your money. All my baby has is me… 

But I’m afraid that this is my last night alive. So here’s your son, and all the things I tried to build for him. I told him who you are. But not the man who ruined things for me and him. But a father who’s longing to meet he’s creation. 

Just do me this one favour…. Don’t disappoint him like you have me. Because it is not the virus, AIDS, that you gave me that killed me… Twas all the lies and disappointment I had to live with in this broken heart of mine. You killed me in a way no one thought could be possible. I just merely grew tired of being strong. But I know you will be a good father to your Son ♡. PS I’m sorry he’s in a paper bag…